How to choose a ribbon?
How to choose a ribbon?



Ribbon for rhythmic gymnastics


Ribbon for rhythmic gymnastics



The ribbon curling in the hands of the gymnast always attracts the eyes of the audience.


A satin or viscose tape is attached with a carbine or nylon thread to a stick of cylindrical shape.


Gymnasts use tapes up to 4 meters long for training and demonstrations.


Huge selection of colors allows you to supplement the gymnast suit, known as a Leotard for rhythmic gymnastics.



How to choose a ribbon for rhythmic gymnastics?



Age Ribbon length Ribbon material Stick length
14 years and older 6 m




60 cm
9-14 years 5 m 55-57 cm
up to 9 years 4 m 50 cm



Tips on caring and storing gymnastic ribbon:



- Wash the gymnastics ribbon in a warm soapy solution, the water temperature is not higher than 30 ° C.
- Starch ribbon will maintain its elasticity.

- Before the performance, treat the ribbon with an antistatic agent and the tape will not stick to the leotard.


- Store gymnastic tape in a case-holder or ribbon winder.