How to choose a stick?
How to choose a stick?



Stick for rhythmic gymnastics


Stick for rhythmic gymnastics



The gymnastic ribbon winding in the hands is controlled using a special stick for rhythmic gymnastics, which is made using special technology by only a few manufacturers around the world (Sasaki, Chacott, Pastorelli, Venturelli, Tuloni). It is attached to the tape using a special metal carabiner, which is small and almost invisible with a nylon thread.



The gymnastics stick is made of a special alloy of plastic or, as many call it, fiberglass, as well as carbon fiber. The convenient handle is made of rubber. It is very important to choose the correct length of this subject for rhythmic gymnastics. The length of the stick depends on the length of the tape itself.




How to choose a stick for rhythmic gymnastics?



Age Ribbon length Stick length Stick material
14 years and older 6 m 60 cm
9-14 years 5 m 55-57 cm
up to 9 years 4 m 50 cm





Tips on caring and storing gymnastic stick:



- Keep and transfer the stick in a special case-tube. Often gymnasts store it in a special case, which is designed for joint storage of sticks and ribbons.