How to choose a ball?
How to choose a ball?



Ball for rhythmic gymnastics


Мяч для художественной гимнастики



Gym balls made of high quality rubber, special rubber alloy or other materials.


On the balls of the Sasaki, Chacott, Pastorelli trademark, an additional layer is applied, which gives adhesion to the hand, which makes it easier for the gymnast to perform complex exercises.


Various variations of various colors for the gymnastic ball. These are glossy one-color balls, and balls with glitter, you can even buy a very effective chameleon ball, as well as multi-color balls.


How to choose a ball for rhythmic gymnastics?




Age Diameter Weight
10 years and older 18 cm 400-430 gr
6-10 years 16-17 cm 320-330 gr
For young gymnasts
and girls below 130 cm
15 cm 300 gr




Tips on caring and storing gymnastic ball:



- Store and transport the ball only in a case
- Use the ball only on specialized carpet
- Inflate the ball with a strictly manual pump of the manufacturer
- Before pumping, moisten the needle with grease from the manufacturer
- Do not inflate the ball above the specified location
- Do not store or transport the ball without air
- Wash the ball with slightly warm, soapy water. Wipe with a soft cloth