Gymnastic clubs vary in color, material of manufacture, weight, size. The material used to make the maces may be plastic, rubber or rubber. The size of the gymnastic clubs is determined in accordance with the growth, as well as age-related gymnastics. Plastic maces are light. Usually they are taken for classes with the youngest gymnasts, so that with careless handling to minimize the likelihood of a painful blow. Rubber clubs are for professional gymnasts, although some trainers recommend that beginners begin even the first classes with them. With a velvety surface, they do not slip at all in the hands. Combined clubs - made of a plastic handle, and the head of rubber or rubber. The most famous brands of gym clubs: Pastorelli, Sasaki, Chacott, Venturelli.

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Online Store RSG-Shop offers professional equipment and accessories, as well as half shoes and cloths for rhythmic gymnastics. Rhythmic equipment from world known brands is always available. We offer hoops of different sizes, balls, plastic and rubber clubs, ropes and ribbons of multiple colors. Other offered products include toe-shoes, practice leotards, hoop covers, gourmet bags, tapes for hoops and clubs and other accessories. RSG-Shop is the official distributor of Pastorelli in Ukraine. Being among the top produces of rhythmic products such as Sasaki, Tuloni, Chacott, Grishko, Sveltus and Venturelli, Italian firm Pastorelli is especially known for the broad variety of products, exceptional quality and reasonable prices.  We are always welcome our customers! For mobile view please visit the new version of RSG-Shop.




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