How to choose a hoop?
How to choose a hoop?



Hoop for rhythmic gymnastics


Hoop for rhythmic gymnastics



There are two options for hoops, which can usually be found in stock: simple and professional.



The difference usually lies in the fact that cheaper materials are used to make a simple hoop. Such a product is cheaper, but it breaks much more often than a professional version. It is recommended to initially buy only a professional hoop.



The color of the hoops can be very different, in addition to give your hoop an additional personality, they are glued with colorful self-adhesive windings for the hoop.



Gymnastic hoops are made of PVC, plastic or polyethylene.



How to choose a hoop for rhythmic gymnastics?



The ideal size for a gymnastic hoop is the length from the floor to the lateral bone of the thigh. You can measure the length with a centimeter.



The size of the hoop is measured by its inner diameter.



From the age of 16, a gymnast must perform with a standard hoop, the diameter of which is 85 cm or 90 cm, and weight 300 g, marked F.I.G.



Age Height Hoop diameter
13 years and older above 165 cm 90 cm
160-165 cm 85 cm
11-12 years 135-150 cm 80 cm
9-10 years 75 cm
7-8 years up to 135 cm 70 cm
5-6 years 65 cm
3-4 years 60 cm



Tips on caring and storing gymnastic ribbon:



- Store and transport the hoop in a case.
- Store the hoop in a cool place and make sure that direct sunlight does not fall on it.
- It is recommended to wrap the gymnastic hoop with a colored wrap, and on top of it with transparent adhesive tape, which will help preserve the hoop pattern for a longer period.