How to choose a clubs?
How to choose a clubs?



Clubs for rhythmic gymnastics


Clubs for rhythmic gymnastics



Gymnastic clubs vary in color, material of manufacture, weight, size.



The material used to make the maces may be plastic, rubber or rubber. The size of the gymnastic clubs is determined in accordance with the growth, as well as age-related gymnastics.



Plastic maces are light. Usually they are taken for classes with the youngest gymnasts, so that with careless handling to minimize the likelihood of a painful blow.



Rubber clubs are for professional gymnasts, although some trainers recommend that beginners begin even the first classes with them. With a velvety surface, they do not slip at all in the hands.



Combined clubs - made of a plastic handle, and the head of rubber or rubber.



The most famous brands of gym clubs: Pastorelli, Sasaki, Chacott, Venturelli.



How to choose a clubs for rhythmic gymnastics?



Young gymnasts should choose shells whose weight is one hundred grams and the size is 36 centimeters.



To perform at any official competition of the international type, you need gymnastic clubs marked with F.I.G. These gymnastic clubs are fully compliant with the standards set by the International Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation.




Age Clubs Length Weight Clubs
11 years and older 44-45 cm 2 х 150 gr
8-11 years 40-41 cm

5-7 years

36 cm 2 х 100 gr


Tips on caring and storing gymnastic clubs:



- Store and transport the clubs in a case.
- Use clubs only on special carpeting.